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216 maquinària de construcció de segona mà van salpar al mar. L'àrea de Changsha s'esforça per construir una indústria d'exportació de 100 milions de maquinària i equips de construcció de segona mà

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Changsha used construction machinery "setting sail" made a new breakthrough again. On March 10, 216 used equipment of construction machinery set off from Sunward Industry City, which will be exported to dozens of countries and regions. Guanghui Liao, full-time Deputy Director of Hunan Free Trade Office, Jixing Qiu, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changsha Free Trade Zone attended the ceremony.



It has been sold to dozens of countries and regions with a total value of 317 million yuan

China (Hunan) Pilot Free Trade Zone Changsha Area Construction Machinery used equipment export centralized sailing ceremony is hosted by Changsha Area Free Trade Zone Management Committee.


This time the used construction machinery comes from Sany Group, Zoomlion, Sunward, CRCC and other enterprises, covering 12 categories such as rotary drilling RIGS, excavators, pump trucks, with a total value of 317 million RMB. The equipment will be shipped from Shanghai, Taicang, Tianjin, Qinzhou, Nansha and other ports to Southeast Asia, Africa, Central Asia, Middle East, Latin America, Europe, the United States and other dozens of countries and regions. The activity has attracted more than 20 enterprises such as host enterprises and traders to participate in the activity, which will contribute "Hunan Brand" and "Hunan force" to the booming development of the global second-hand construction machinery market and the economic construction of related countries.

"This time 8 refurbished and re-manufactured second-hand equipment of our company, worth 6 million RMB, will be exported to Egypt, Senegal in Africa and Peru in South America and other countries." In the view of Dicoln Tan, the person in charge of Hunan Wisasta Import and Export Co., LTD., second-hand equipment export for the domestic market, is a good measure to turn old into treasure, export to earn foreign exchange, will also be a good promotion of host brand export.


This time used rotary digging and excavators of Sunward, the value of about 15 million RMB, mainly exported to Africa and Southeast Asia. Peng Ying, the brand management director of Sunward, introduced that the enterprise has established a special second-hand equipment re-manufacturing plant, refurbished and repaired the equipment, and provided it to the "Belt and Road" countries with better cost performance.

It is reported that the performance of the refurbished second-hand construction machinery reaches 70% ~ 90% of the new machine, and the price is only 30% ~ 40% of the new machine, which makes the second-hand construction machinery equipment in Changsha area very competitive in the international market.


Nearly 20 new enterprises have made export trial orders

At present, the export of second-hand construction machinery equipment is generally characterized by the lack of evaluation standards, unclear tax rules, and industry financing difficulties. The mode of the domestic second mobile phone leading to the overseas market is blocked. Promoting the export of used construction machinery equipment is of great significance to promoting the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, boosting Chinese brands to "go global" and opening up a new track of economic development.


Changsha Area of the Free Trade Zone is the only region in the world with 4 engineering equipment manufacturing enterprises listed in the world's Top 50 list, and its total scale has ranked first in China for 11 consecutive years. In 2022, the sales volume of the top 50 enterprises accounts for 14.35%, more than the other 7 domestic enterprises combined. The export reform of used equipment of construction machinery has become a key subject of institutional innovation in Changsha area of Free Trade Zone.


In the early stage, Changsha Area of the Free Trade Zone has taken a series of measures, such as launching trial orders, establishing industry alliances, and formulating standard system, to explore and solve the difficult and blocking problems, such as evaluation and pricing standards, tax administration, convenience of customs clearance, etc., and achieved initial results.

"Changsha area introduces a third party evaluation agency to conduct an objective and fair pricing of second-hand equipment, which provides a guarantee for the issuance of invoices and certificates of origin in the later period. With the certificate of origin issued by the customs, import tariffs can be reduced by 8 to 20 percent for importers, which increases the competitiveness of used equipment exports. Dicoln Tan, the person in charge of Hunan Wisasta Import and Export Co., Ltd. introduced that since the trial order in October last year, the company has exported nearly 30 sets of used construction machinery, worth more than 24 million yuan.

From October to December last year, the Changsha area exported 178 million yuan worth of used construction machinery equipment to 15 countries, including India, Vietnam and Uzbekistan. This year, according to the actual demands of enterprises, nearly 20 new enterprises gathered in Changsha area to carry out the second-hand equipment export trial order business.


To build a 100-billion-level industry

"Changsha area of Free trade Zone will focus on the needs of industry development, the demands of market subjects, adhere to the working idea of 'build a platform, optimize the process, build a system, out of the standard', and try to open up the export tax of used equipment of construction machinery, lack of standards, remote sales of accounts and other key pain points. Haoran Tan, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management committee of Changsha Section of the Free Trade Zone, said.


In the next step, Changsha section of Free trade Zone will strive to build Hunan into a world-renowned and national leading industrial distribution center of construction machinery aftermarket by building a process-oriented public service platform, a concentrated second-hand equipment trading center and a large-scale remanufacturing export base, and gradually realize the strategic goal of building the export of second-hand construction machinery equipment into a 100-billion-level industry. For the national construction machinery used equipment export contribution "Changsha experience".

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